Penguin points out that in the History of Metamathematics, as recorded by the West, many strange things have happened. Two thousand or so years ago the person who came up with the concept of the irrartional numbers was brutally murdered. It took centuries for the Arabic Positional Number System to be accepted and a Pope's body was dug up in the process to see if he had consorted with the Devil. It was very fashionable and the in-thing to declare all civilisations in the world as having consorted with the Devil and ban their knowledge publicly but secretly steal it. Thousands of scholars were sent off to the stake as witches and sorcerers after massive Witch Hunts. The person who suggested the complex number claimed he had only done it as a joke. The person who suggested curvature of space in Geometry said he was doing it as a joke. It took a century for the Fourier Transform to be accepted. The New Math took over a century to be accepted. Galois had to wait decades after his death to be noticed. Mathematicians were smart enough to avoid the stake and the rope during the Inquisiton be claiming they were only doing something useless unlike the Physics people who claimed they were 'explaining' the Universe and got into a lot of trouble. Cantor was hounded to death by his Professor and decades after his death he was hailed by Hilbert for the great things he had come up with. The last century also is full of dogmatic, fanatical beliefs, intolerance to new concepts and witch hunts. NP-completeness seems totally jinxed. Goedel who initially came up with the concept was put down as a nonperformer and had to wait a lifetime for his promotion to a Professor. The person who formalised NP-completeness had to leave the country as a nonperformer. It became the false fashion to declare NP-completeness as intractable. So Pooh and his friends may have to wait for decades or even centuries for their ideas to be accepted, provided the ideas are correct. How about the rest of the World? They stopped thinking and let the West tell them what was going on. They were told whether it was the Sun or Moon that was shining. They were told whether a cyclone or a tsunami or an asteroid had hit them and so on. They were told when an earthquake had occured and so on. All this is real!!!

It is this compression that allows binary search to be speeded up to asymptotically O(1), internal sorting to O(n), matrix multiplication to O(n^2), context free parsing to O(n^2) etc.