MY FAVORITE TEACHER.   Questions to facilitate better expression of thoughts. Who is your favorite teacher? What is it you like about your teacher? What subject does he/ she teach? Do you like that subject ? How much time … Continue reading

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Learn to Communicate





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Happy Childrens’Day

story time

story time

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Prepositions- Test

Prepositions .

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1. They have been living here ——– 1987.


2. He is just like the cat ——— the wall.He keeps changing his ideas.


3. I’ve been studying German ————–ten months. .


4. The keys are ———– the locker.


5. We reached the station —— the nick of time.


6. The cat is sleeping ——— the table.


7. Do you have a flair ——- music?


8. The matter has to be discussed ———– the officer.


9. Were you _________ your village last week?


10. Fill the blank choosing the right preposition.

They are waiting —– the bus.


Question 1 of 10

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use of AM, IS and ARE Basic Level.

Please go to use of AM, IS and ARE Basic Level. to view the test
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Has-Have-Had test

Please go to Has-Have-Had test to view the test
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My School. Learn to talk.

Read the questions given below, think of the answers and talk about your school.

Where do you study?

In which class are you studying?

What are the timings of your school ?

How do you go to school?

Do you like to go to school?

What is your favorite subject?

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This is to test your vocabulary and spelling.

1. Read the sentence and tick the right option.

1.  This watch is very ————— to me.

Question 1 of 10

2. 2. What is the ————- to Delhi?

Question 2 of 10

3. 3. This is a marvelous ——————

Question 3 of 10

4. 4. The —————- of vegetables is sky rocketing.

Question 4 of 10

5. 5. The farmer was released on ————–.

Question 5 of 10

6. 6. Have you checked the ————–.?

Question 6 of 10

7. 7. The thief tried to ————- into the house.

Question 7 of 10

8. 8. He was ————— by the police.

Question 8 of 10

9. 9. His name is on the —————- of honor.

Question 9 of 10

10. 10  He was suspected of —————- play.

Question 10 of 10


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 With the grandchild  Egyptian Mummy

Parvathi observed that Grandma would give her friends a scathing look whenever they spoke about their mothers. She wondered about this and decided to get at the root of the matter. After her friends left, she approached her Grandma and asked her why she had given her friends such scornful looks.

Grandma said,‘Parvathi, do you address mother as ‘Mom’ or ‘Mummy’. Parvathi replied in the negative as she had been taught to say ‘Amma’ to her mother. Grandma said, ‘see, my dear, you should learn to love and respect your elders. Relationships are strengthened when your speech reflects the thoughts that are expressed from the depth of your heart. Whenever there is a conflict between the mind and the heart, you should listen to the heart. You should not give up your native tongue and forget your roots. The closest bonds are forged within the four walls of a home. It is only your parents who will stand by you, through thick and thin. You should love them and have trust in them. All this requires a proper level of communication.’ Parvathi wondered about what her grandma was speaking. There did not appear to be any connection between what grandma was telling her and the question she had asked. She started fidgeting.

Grandma said,‘I am coming to the point. Did you notice that your friends keep saying, ‘Mom’, or ‘Mummy’? There is nothing wrong in the words, but remember you are not an Englishman. The word ‘Mummy’ makes me think of the Pyramids of Egypt and the Egyptian Mummies. How can it forge a bond between you and your mother? There is an air of artificiality which severs your relationship. Your feelings will not come out spontaneously. You cannot be your natural self. You should not discard your value system. You must be a Roman in Rome, but not a Roman in your home. You must respect and love your mother tongue, only then will you develop your Character and Personality.’ Parvathi thought,’ I wonder what my friends will say, if I tell them all this.’ She decided to have some fun with them the next day. She was however certain that what her Grandma told her was perfectly right.

Take the quiz to check your understanding.

Please go to Amma to view this test
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Please go to Amma to view this test
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On Vivekananda…

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