Suchi the Baby Bear woke up feeling different. For Baby Suchi Bear it was a special day. It was her first day in her new school. She was feeling excited and happy, but she was nervous too and there was a strange feeling in her tummy. It was eight oclock. She had to get dressed quickly if she was going to be there on time. She didnt want to walk in late with everyone looking at herSuchi Baby Bear felt quite weak at that thought.

She opened her wardrobe. This was in three big steel wardrobes that occupied half the room. She had lots of clothes: coats, skirts, sarees, pants, tops and what not. These clothes had come to her from all parts of the world. Auntie Bears and Uncle Bears were always sending her clothes. They were always traveling all over the earth.

Every day in the afternoon Mama Bear gave away a lot of her old clothes. However some of the old clothes were her favourites. They were always in the wardrobe. Ever day new clothes came in to the wardrobe in the evening.

What clothes should Suchi Baby Bear put on in the morning? Everybody else in the school will know what to wear thought Suchi Baby Bear. It was so unfair.



She tried on her knitted swimming costume. Grandma Bear had knitted it herself. This was not quite right for school.



Next Suchi Baby Bear put on a striped jacket and a straw hat. She had spent a lovely day with Baby Hippo on the river bank eating peanut butter sandwiches, pots of honey and looking at the boats. Maybe.The jacket was smart enough, but the others were sure to laugh at her if she wore that hat.




What about her beloved jeans, with safety pins where the buttons should have been? She usually wore them chug-chugging along on board the big red tractor at the farm. This farm was in Auntie Bear Shobas village. But Suchi Baby Bear threw the jeans on the floor. Everyone would think she was a real scruff in those.

Baby Bears funny feeling was growing. All she wanted was to fit in. It was such an important day, but she just couldnt seem to make up her mind.




She unruffled her best hat, trimmed with feathers. It had been such a hit at the Baby Monkeys party. But no, thought Suchi Baby Bear. She didnt want to draw that much attention to herself. Not on her first day anyway.




Suchi Baby Bear frantically rummaged about. Something big and bright caught her eye. It was the skirt Mama Bear had given her last summer. I expect I shall be quite warm enough without that! said Suchi Baby Bear, scornfully.




Suchi Baby Bear glanced at her watch. Oh dear, oh dear, Ill be late if I dont find something soon, she sighed.


She spotted her brothers blue sailor suit and tried it on. As she marched up and down with a nautical air she could almost taste the salt and hear the call of Baby Seagull. Suchi Baby Bear was beginning to wish that she could run away to sea. As far as she knew, sailors didnt go to school.



Poor Suchi Baby Bear. Suddenly she heard the beep beep of the school bus outside the door. There was no time to lose.



Suchi Baby Bear grabbed the last thing from her cupboard-her brothers stripy football jersey. She ran out of the door as fast as she could, clutching her lunch box in her paws.





The schoolyard brimmed with all the colors of the rainbow. A group of pigs and cats were having a picnic in the middle. There was a water trough with boats and ships and there was even a tortoise on a big red tractor. Suchi Baby Bear wanted to join in, but the funny feeling in her tummy was worse.

She felt very alone and just a scared.



Then she saw a small Baby Elephant in the corner of the playground. She did look smart, but she didnt look very happy. Suchi Baby Bear took a deep breath, marched over and took the Baby Elephant by the paw. Are you new? said Suchi Baby Bear. The Baby Elephant nodded, shyly. Suchi Baby Bear smiled. Come on then, she said.


Together they ran as fast as they could to the end of the playground. Kick it here.. . To me.. . came the cries from all around. Suchi Baby Bear jumped for joyshe would soon make friends. And her funny feeling had quite, quite gone. Perhaps tomorrow she would wearOh bother, thought Baby Bear. Who cares.And she let out a shoutLets PLAY!





When she went home she told Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Grandpa Bear about her adventures.

If the wardrobe becomes too bigover 40 dresses--then it is a problem, said Grandpa Bear.

It is very difficult to choose the combination of dresses to wear. This especially when you want to make the best impression, said Grandma Bear.

Baby Bear has hundreds of clothes in her collection of wardrobes, chipped in Mickey the Lapso, who was gobbling up sweets.

Poor Suchi Baby Bear. The collection is different every morning, said Aunt Swarna Bear.

It will take thousands of years to find the answer even with the Cloud Computer, chipped in Busy Beaver.



Baby Zebra is very clever. She is gifted. She along in the forest can guess the correct dresses when the wardrobe is large, said GreatGrandpa Bear.

She can do it almost immediately just by rummaging through the clothes once, said Brer Rabbit who was passing by and just dropped in to say hello.



Yes. I agree. After Baby Zebra guesses, one only has to verify her choice of dresses, said GreatGrandpa Jumbo Elephant.



I heard it is called the Knapsack problem. Professor Owl of the University was talking a lot about it. It is difficult to solve by ordinary means, said Grandpa Hippo.



Suchi Baby Bear heard all this. Perhaps tomorrow morning Ill ask Baby Zebra what I should wearIll outsource the problem to her for a few pennies and an apple---Oh bother, thought Suchi Baby Bear. Who cares.And she let out a shoutLets PLAY!

Lets PLAY!

Lets PLAY!


Lets PLAY!


Lets PLAY!


Lets PLAY!


Lets PLAY!


Lets PLAY!