The three baby bears Sridhar Bear, Suchi Bear and Uma Bear were all very excited. Grandpa Bear, Grandma Bear and GreatGrandpa Bear were coming to stay. Grandpa Bear was known for telling a lot of stories. GreatGrandpa Bear also knew a lot of stories.

Stop fidgeting, growled Uncle Gopi Bear. Go and do something.

Yes, agreed Aunt Jyoti Bear.

Why not paint them a picture as a surprise? advised Aunt Swarna Bear.

Wow, exclaimed Sridhar Bear, as the baby bears raced to their room on the third floor of the apartment complex, along with Aunt Shuba Bear.


What a great idea! Ill paint them a wonderful picture!

And so will I, said Suchi Bear.

Me too, chimed in Uma Bear.

I will paint some nice flowers for Grandma Bear, said Suchi Bear.

Me too, said Uma Bear.

I will buy some paints and paper for you, said Aunt Shuba Bear.

Soon the baby bears were all very busy.

They painted and painted for days on end.

No peeping at my painting! screamed Sridhar Bear.

When the bears came down, they showed each other their pictures.

Suchi Bear had painted a butterfly hovering over a flower..

Uma Bear had painted a lot of bees hovering over a bunch of roses..



And Sridhar Bear had painted a picture of a MONSTER!

Oh Sridhar Bear, said his Mummy Bear sadly, why couldnt you paint something nice like the others?

Pooh! said Sridhar Bear. Nice things are no fun. I like scary things!

Look what we have got for you! said the three small bears as soon as Grandma Bear, Grandpa Bear and GreatGrandpa Bear arrived.

Why, what lovely pictures, they said. We cant decide which on we like best!


They all sat down for breakfast. Grandpa Bear had eleven small idlis.

Doesnt Grandpa Bear eat a lot! said Uma Bear in a whisper to Grandma Bear.

Its called being greedy, said Grandma Bear.

After breakfast Suchi Bear said, Tell us a story, Grandpa Bear.

Of course I will, he said. But Ill have one more idli first.

Tell them a story now, said Grandma Bear. Youve had enough idlis for one day.

What sort of story would you like? asked Grandpa Bear.

A SCARY story! said Sridhar Bear.

So they huddled around, and Grandpa Bear told them a scary story about a monster. The monster had big nails on big hands, big teeth in a big mouth and a big tail between big legs. The terrible monster was just like the one in Sridhar Bears picture.

The baby bears were scared.

GreatGrandpa Bear showed the Baby Bears a map of the forest. There are more than 40 animals in the forest. In fact there are thousands. The horrible humans had gone to Mars. So the forest population is growing. The monster family had the map of the forest with them. The map shows all the houses of all the baby animals in the forest. The Papa Monster wants to frighten all the baby animals in the forest. He is very bad.























The MONSTER will visit all the bad baby animals in the forest, said Grandpa Bear.

We told Policeman Giraffe about him, said Grandpa Bear and GreatGrandpa Bear together.

We confused the MONSTER with the help of the Policeman Giraffe, said GreatGrandpa Bear.

I told him to visit all the baby animals one after another, said Grandpa Bear.

He should not frighten the same baby twice. This is what Policeman Giraffe told him, said GreatGrandpa Bear.

He should visit the naughty baby animals by the best short cut. He should travel the least possible distance. This is what Judge Owl ordered the monster to do, said Grandpa Bear.

He visits naughty animals in the night, said said GreatGrandpa Bear.

The MONSTER is totally confused, claimed Grandpa Bear.

It also has been raining cats and dogs. There is a lot of thunder and lightning. This is going on for days, said Aunt Shoba Bear.

A lot of paths have been washed away,said Mickey the Lapso wagging her tail and eyeing the fridge.

The Busy Beavers have been ordered by King Lion to get new paths ready,said the Emily the Siberian Crane who just flew in to take some shelter.

The Monster will take thousands of years to find the best short cut covering all the houses of the baby animals, said GreatGrandpa Bear.

Yes, that is correct. He can do no better even if he uses the Cloud as a Computer, said Wong the Panda who was passing by.

The other day you told me that the MONSTER had consulted Baby Zebra, said Grandpa Bear to his father.

Baby Zebra is very gifted. She can guess all short cuts. Once she has guessed you only have to verify her guess, said GreatGrandpa Bear.

Then in that case the Monster can drop in anywhere, anytime, said Grandpa Bear in great alarm.

Time for bed, yelled Uncle Gopi Bear.


And they were monsters all the way up the stairs.

The monsoon had set in.

It was a dark, windy and rainy night.

What did you think of Grandpas story? said Suchi Bear.

It was a very scary story, said Uma Bear.

Yes, said Sridhar Bear, but I wasnt afraid. Were you?

No, said Suchi Bear.

Of course not, said Uma Bear.

But they couldnt go to sleep.


Suddenly Suchi Bear said, W-whats that noise?

What noise? said Uma Bear.

Th-thats just the wind, said Sridhar Bear.

Or or a tree branch tapping, said Suchi Bear.

Its not, said Uma Bear. Its coming from the stairs.

W-what shall we do? said Suchi Bear. Im scared!

One of you must go and look, said Sridhar Bear.

You go and look, said Uma Bear. Youre the one who likes scary things!

All right, well all go together, said Sridhar Bear.

Shivering from the tips of their ears to the end of their toes, they climbed out of bed and crept towards the door. Sridhar Bear went in front, firmly grasping Uncle Ravi Bears cricket bat.

When they were on the landing, they looked down.

There, coming up the stairs, was a huge shadowy figure!

Thump, thump, click, it went. Thump, thump, click

Its the monster with long hands with long nails, long legs with a big tail and big teeth in a large mouth! stammered Sridhar Bear. And he raised Uncle Ravi Bears cricket bat way up high

..and hit the monster thwack, thwack, thwack on the head!


Ow, Ow, Ow!! yelled Grandpa Bear.

Then all the lights, in all the flats, in all the apartments came on.

What is all this noise? Can a person not sleep in peace? It is the middle of the night, growled Uncle Rumpy Bear.

Sridhar Bear hit me on the head with that horrible bat! complained Grandpa Bear.

We thought he was a monster! said Sridhar Bear excusing himself.

Well he is sometimes, agreed Grandma Bear, especially when he creeps about after idlis in the fridge.

And they all laughed.


Aunt Shoba Bear made everyone a mug of steaming coffee. She had purchased the coffee from the Baby Bison. The three small Bears were sent back to bed.


I still think you were very brave, Sridhar Bear, said Suchi Bear.

I do too, agreed Uma Bear, even though Grandpa Bear wasnt really a monster.

But Sridhar Bear was busy.

ROAR! he screamed!.