Do you realize that Baby Bear has to go to the University now? said Mama Bear to Father Bear.

That is right, said Grandma Bear.

Yes, that is what I want to do now that I have finished Secondary School, said Baby Bear.

The money has to be found for her education, complained Father Bear.

That is your problem, said Mama Bear. After all Baby Bear is the among the first baby animals to be sent to the University.


Have you not been saving all these years for her education? asked Grandpa Bear.

Yes, but the monies are in many places, said Father Bear. There are small amounts in over a 100 or 200 places.

You keep on adding and deleting these places every week, complained Mama Bear.

You have to pool up the money then, said Grandma Bear. The Elephant family sent Baby Elephant to the University.

The Medicine Man of the tribe on the outskirts of the village. He can use Black Arts to find out how it can be done, said Emily the Siberian Crane who had just flown into the backyard.

However the fairy Queen Su has banned the use of Black Magic, said Raja the Peacock who was hiding under the dining table.




An alternative is to consult the Wicked Wizard who sits on top of the mountain in the center of the forest, said Mama Hippo. He has some magic potion.

If any animal consumes the magic potion then the solution can be found easily, said Papa Deer.



However the fairy Queen Su has prohibited the use of any magic potion too, said Grandma Tortoise.



I have a solution to the problem, said Mama Elephant. The Fox family has started a financial consultancy. They will help people out in financial problems.



They will however charge something, said Grandpa Wolf.


Let us use the help of the Fox family, said Mama Bear.



I have saved up a pot of money over the years, sid Mama Bear.

That money is to be used for a special occasion. Everyone in the forest knows about Mama Bears pot of money, said Aunt Shoba Bear.

I will pay the Foxs fees from my pot of money, Mama Bear told Papa Bear.

I will send an email to the Fox family asking for advice, said Papa Bear.


I have come as a consultant, said Baby Fox. I find visits tiring. I have so much business.

There are dozens of options for you, he told Papa Bear. I also suggest a dozen investment options.

Can you clarify? asks Papa Bear.




Here are the details. In this realm of paper all the options are clearly explained, said Baby Fox.

How long will it take to go through that big realm of paper? asks Mama Bear.

Hardly a few days, said the smooth talking Baby Fox. You think it over and contact the Fox agency in a weeks time.

It is very nice of you to come over, said Mama Bear.

Its a pleasure, said Baby Fox. May I trouble you for my consultation fee?

Nice pot! said Baby Fox helping himself to some money from Mama Bears pot of money.

How have you fared with Mama Bears pot of money? asked Grandpa Fox to Baby Fox when he saw him.

Top Off!! replied Baby Fox.

Its a week now since Baby Fox came, said Mama Bear to Papa Bear.

Yes, I could not understand much from the leaflets he gave me. Perhaps an SMS can be sent to the Fox agency, said Papa Bear.

Yes, let them clarify, said Grandpa Bear.

We have a visitor, barked Mickey the Lapso. It is Mama Fox. I do not like her.

Hush, said Baby Bear and Grandma Bear.

The Fox agency has sent me over as a Financial Consultant, said Mama Fox.

She listens to Papa Fox for half an hour.

There a three dozen options for you, she told Papa Bear.

What is the best option? asks Mama Bear.



Also there are four dozen investment options. Your money will grow and grow in the Fox agency schemes, said Mama Fox.

I am getting confused, complained Papa Bear. Many of these financial schemes I do not understand.

You must think it over, advised Mama Fox. It took me a lot of time to understand them myself.

Better you study them in detail, said Aunty Swarna Bear to Mama and Papa Bears.

You contact the Fox family in a weeks time, said Mama Fox. In the meantime show me your pot of money. I will need my consultation fee.


She helps herself to some money from Mama Bears pot of money as a consultation fee.

How have you fared with the famous pot of money? asks Grandpa Fox when he saw Mama Fox.

Half Gone! she replied.



Two weeks pass by and Papa Bear is still studying Mama Foxes ideas.

Next month is the last day for payment of fees at the University, reminded Baby Bear.

Total confusion, exclaimed Papa Bear.

This is a desperate phone call, said Papa Bear calling the Fox family.

I have rushed down, said Papa Fox. I thought your problem was resolved long ago.

We are hopelessly confused, moaned Papa Bear.

Do not worry. I have come out of goodwill, consoled Papa Fox. There will be only a very small charge for my visit.

The charge does not matter, said Mama Bear. We want a solution.


Here are some two dozen options in addition to those given to you earlier. The Fox family has been working night and day on your problem, said Papa Fox.

We are all obliged to you, said Grandma Bear.

I will trouble you for my consultation fee, said Papa Fox to Mama Bear. Where is your pot of money? He helps himself to a lot of money from Mama Bears pot of money.



How have you fared? How far has Mama Bears pot of money gone? asked Grandpa Fox of Papa Fox when he saw him.

All Gone! replied Papa Fox with a big grin.

Three weeks pass by.

It is a desperate situation, said Papa Bear.

He sends a stream of SMSs, emails and phone calls to the Fox family.

Grandpa Fox is here, growled Mickey the Lapso. He is a horrid fellow. Should I bite him nicely?

Do nothing of that kind, Mama Bear told him. You go and drink your milk and eat your biscuits.

Enter Grandpa Fox. What is all this fuss about? he wants to know.

It is our financial problem, moans Papa Bear.

"Give me my consultation fee in advance.

Here is my pot, says Mama Bear.

Why, it is empty! screams Grandpa Fox.

I have nothing else, says Mama Bear in tears.

This is rubbish, screams Grandpa Fox.

He walks off with the pot.



We are back to square one. All that has happened is that the Fox family has duped Mama Bear of her pot of money, said Grandpa Bear.

Just three weeks to pay my fees, moans Baby Bear.

It is terrible, says Mama Bear in tears.

I will beat up the Foxes, yells Papa Bear.



Call Policeman Giraffe, screams Grandma Bear.



It is now that Great Grandpa Bear wakes up.

What is the excitement all about? he demands to know.

He listens to them.

I knew this would happen, he said. One cannot trust these financial wizards like the Foxes.

We thought they were clever, said Mama Bear.

My great grandpa had told me about them, said GreatGrandpa Bear. I suggest a simple solution.

Tell us about it, Mama Bear said eagerly to him.



In the village there is the Rhino family. They have been in finance for thousands of years, said GreatGrandpa Bear. They are gifted in all matters related to finance.

They are our neighbors, said Papa Fox.

Centuries of experience has made them very wise and knowledgeable in financial matters, said Great Grandpa Bear. They are the money lenders of the forest.

The Foxes have been running them down, said Grandpa Bear. They even complained to Policeman Giraffe about them and their high interest.

Nonsense! said Great Grandpa. They charge only simple interest. Long ago the great Julius Ceaser had prohibited their ancestors from charging compound interest.

You mean the Foxes are bad people? asked Papa Bear. We can trust the Rhino family?

They will only charge a reasonable consultancy fee, said GreatGrandpa Bear. With their experience they will easily find a solution.


Papa Bear rushes off to meet Grandpa Rhino.

Grandpa Rhino, you must help me! moans Papa Bear.

Tell us your problem, said the Rhino family.



There is a simple solution, said Baby Rhino, the whiz kid.

I have guessed the answer. I have guessed where Papa Bear should take the monies from to add up to the fees.

Amazing! said Papa Bear. I now only have to verify that Baby Rhinos solution is correct.

Your problem is solved, said Mama Rhino to Papa Bear. As far as the consultation fee is concerned, I want a small pot of honey, said Baby Rhino.


Mama Bear is inconsolable at the loss of her pot of money. She had spent a lifetime collecting the money.


I will complain about the Fox family to King Lion, said Grandma Fox. Mama Bear is crying all the time about the loss of her pot of money.



Arrest the Foxes, ordered King Lion to Policeman Giraffe. Arrange for a trial of the Foxes.



The situation now shifts to the court of King Lion under the Oak Tree.

Let the trial of the Foxes start, orders King Lion.

They walked off with my pot of money and the pot itself, Mama Bear accused them.


They confused me with dozens of wrong plans and strategies, Papa Bear accused the Foxes.

They gave me a lot of tension and created an uncertain situation, accused Baby Bear.

How do you plead? asked King Lion of the Foxes.


Not Guilty, Your Majesty, said the Foxes. We will select Professor Owl from the University as our advocate.



What have you got to say? asks King Lion of Professor Owl.

The blame is totally on Papa Bear. He should not have put his monies in a 100 places. More than 40 places make the problem of pooling up money difficult, lectured Professor Owl.

Why is it so? asked King Lion.

The problem of pooling up money from different sources to add up to some amount is an old problem, said Professor Owl. In the university they call it the easiest hard problem. It has been studied for centuries to no avail

Baby Rhino solved it easily, pointed out King Lion.

The Rhino family is gifted, said Professor Owl. So they could guess the answer and Papa Bear could verify it.


How about the Foxes? asked King Lion.

The Foxes are ordinary hardworking animals, said Professor Owl. They do no have the gift of guessing.

Why did they then take up the job? asked King Lion.

The Foxes do it the long way of trying all possibilities, said Professor Owl. That is why they have hundreds and thousands of alternatives.

Are they then cheating? asked King Lion.


It is not clear as of yet whether Baby Rhino is really cleverer than the Foxes, claimed Professor Owl. Nobody has been able to agree or disagree. We cannot prove it or disprove it as of yet.

It is a major problem then? asked King Lion.

It is the biggest open problem of the 21st century at the University, claimed Professor Owl.


I am confused, said King Lion. So confused that I acquit the Foxes.

It is unfair, sobs Mama Bear.

However I have had many complaints about the Foxes, said King Lion. They are hereby given a sound warning. The trial is adjourned.

We are very happy that justice is done, claimed Professor Owl.


Here is a small gift for you, said King Lion to Baby Bear a gift. I advise you to study hard at the University.

I will personally mentor her, said Professor Owl.


You are among the first few Baby Animals in the forest to go to the University, King Lion told Baby Bear. A lot of Baby Animals will follow your footsteps.

So she should set a good example, said Grandma Bear.