Tomorrow the week long celebrations start, said Papa Ostrich.

What are the celebrations all about? asked Baby Ostrich.

It is to celebrate the Festival of Lights, Mama Ostrich told him.

The Bear family wants to visit all their relatives during the festival week, said Mama Ostrich.

They have hundreds of relatives, said Papa Rhino.


They live all over the forest, said Papa Elephant.


They applied for permission to travel all over the forest, said Papa Crane. That is what Policeman Giraffe told me.

Why do they require permission? Baby Crane wanted to know.

It has been raining cats and dogs for the last two weeks, said Papa Wolf.

Many of the paths in the village have been washed away, said Uncle Panda.

King Lion ordered the Busy Beavers to make new paths, said Uncle Eagle.

Coming to the Bears, they have a map of the forest, said Papa Wolf.


There are only some usable paths, said Mama Rabbit. They cannot visit the relatives in any order.

Grandma Bear says she must visit all the relatives, said Baby Panda.

No relative should be visited twice, said Mama Wolf. Relatives do not like it.

With all this rain, so many paths washed away, so many new paths it will be difficult for the Bears," said Grandma Wolf.


I saw Papa Bear struggling through the map of the forest, said Papa Emu. He is trying to find out a path.

Uncle Bear advised him to outsource the job, said Uncle Wolf. Outsourcing is so cheap these days.


Two days pass by.

I heard Papa Bear has outsourced his problem, said Mama Kangaroo.


However, it was of no use, said Mama Penguin.

He received a huge bill for outsourcing, said Papa Kangaroo. The solution has not been found.


He has now gone to the Wise Owl for advice, said Papa Panda.

Your problem is very difficult, said the Wise Owl to Papa Bear. This is especially so when you have to visit more than 40 relatives, said Mama Owl.


Past experience is of no use, said the Wise Owl. Many of the paths have changed, washed away or new.

It will take thousands of years to find the result, even if you outsource your problem, said Uncle Owl.

The Owl family has been studying the problem for centuries, said the Wise Owl. We cannot determine a simple way to find the tour.

We cannot even determine that there is no simple way, said Grandpa Owl.

There is a solution, said Mama Owl. Go to the Wizard of the forest.

Yes, said Auntie Owl. He can give you a magic potion. You consume that and you will be able to solve your problem.

Papa Bear goes to the Wizard. He sits on top of the mountain.


If you consume this magic potion you will become WizPapa Bear, said the Wizard to Papa Bear.


You will be able to make multiple copies of yourself when there is a choice of paths, said Uncle Wizard.

All the copies will act in parallel, said Mama Wizard.

A copy will make copies of itself when there is a choice, said Grandpa Wizard. There is no limit on the number of copies.

If one copy of a Bear visits all relatives, it is enough, said the Wizard.

The copy that uses the shortest path is automatically taken, said Mama Wizard.


Copies that fail do not count, said Mama Wizard.

Papa Bear took the magic potion, said Uncle Pelican.

He became WizPapa Bear, said Baby Kangaroo.


The Bear family has set off on their visit, said Uncle Rhino.

Will they ever come back? asked Mama Hippo.

Very difficult to answer if they had not taken the magic potion, said Uncle Wolf. Now they have no problem.

There may be no path at all, said Uncle Fox.

Yes, because of the rain, said Mama Rhino.


Also the Bear family has grown so big, said Grandpa Fox. Many have migrated and not kept contact.


There are no paths to some remote areas in the forest, said Mama Pelican.

The Bear family is back, said Baby Elephant.


We are all excited about the magic potion, said Mama Fox to the Wise Owl.

It is not safe, said the Wise Owl. King Lion has banned its use now.

Is there an alternative? asked Uncle Fox.


Yes, said the Wise Owl. Baby Zebra is very clever. She is gifted. She can guess the path. Then you verify it.

In case you ever come across a similar problem you should be careful, cautioned the Wise Owl.

The problem is like the Big Bad Tiger, said Uncle Wizard.

If you ever see the Big Bad Tiger on the road then you should avoid him, said Mama Wolf.

You should take to the side paths and muddle their way to get home, said Grandpa Owl.

This does not always guarantee the Big Bad Tiger will be avoided, said the Wise Owl.

It works in most cases, said Grandpa Wizard.

You should try trial and error methods, said the Baby Owl.

This is the famous Bear = WizBear debate and problem, King Lion was told by Uncle Monkey.

It is the most famous problem of the 21st century, claimed Professor CleverWit.