My birthday is coming up, said Baby Bison, to Mama Bear, in an online conversation. I want you to come to my birthday party.


Yes, the world has become a small place, agreed Mama Bear. Traveling is much easier.

Communication is very easy, said Professor Owl. It has become a Global Village.

Okay, said Mama Bear to Baby Bison. I will come down to meet you.

You really want to go? asked Papa Bear. Its halfway around the world.

Its a flat earth, and a small earth now, said Baby Bear who was studying in the same University as Baby Bison. You should come down, Mama, she told Mama Bear.

My mama said she is going to celebrate my birthday in a grand manner, said Baby Bison. She wants a lot of guests and I want lots of nice gifts.

It is a long way to Baby Bisons house, said Mama Bear.

She has to travel a long way, said Grandma Bear.

She has to carry a lot of gifts for all the people in the world of the Baby Bison, reminded Aunty Bear. She has been in contact with them over the Web.

Get ready for a long journey, was the advice Grandpa Bear gave Mama Bear.

Mama Bear has purchased a lot of gifts, said the nosy Mama Ostrich.


Here is a knapsack, said Grandpa Bear.

What is it for? asks Mama Bear.

You can pack up her gifts in that when you travel, said Grandpa Bear. That is what my grandfather used to do when he had to travel a long way.


Ha, Ha! said Papa Bear. Grandma Bear and I have purchased some expensive suitcases.

They are more appropriate and proper, said Uncle Bear. It is more modern to use them to carry ones things when travelling.

You mean the days of the knapsack are over? asked Papa Bear.

No we still use them when camping, said Sridhar Bear.


Let us help Mama Bear packs up her things, said Grandma Bear.

There are over 40 gifts. In fact there are a couple of hundred small gifts, said Mama Bear. The difficulty is that each gift is either to be taken or left behind.

Do not bring fraction of a gift or packet, was the stern warning of Uncle Bear.

Baby Kangaroo bring in a weighing balance to weigh Mama Bears luggage, ordered Papa Ostrich the neighbour.

The airlines will charge too much if their weight limit is exceeded, said Mama Rhino.


Oh,no!, said Mama Bear. It turns out that the weight limit is exceeded.

All the gifts cannot be taken, said Grandma Bear.

Mama Bear choose the gifts properly, said Grandpa Bear. A gift if it is taken has a certain profit.


Yes, that is so, said Baby Elephant. This is because some gifts have a lot of value in Baby Bisons country.

I am is at a loss, moaned Mama Bear. I am unable to decide what gifts to take.

Papa Bear try to help her to choose the proper gifts, said Policeman Giraffe.


Papa Bear, tried and tried, Mama Hippo told her children in the evening. He tried many possibilities but he was at a loss.

He could not find the best choice of gifts to be taken, said Mama Fox to the other animals at the waterhole.

Auntie Bear, Uncle Bear and all the animals in the neighborhood tried their luck, Father Peacock told Mama Tiger.

Nobody was able to decide what the best choice of gifts that should be taken should be, announced Mama Deer.



Mama Bear is very unhappy. I know about it, said Papa Bear.

The winter is approaching, said Mama Cheetah. The Siberian Cranes have started their migration. Some are in the backyard, said Mickey the Lapso excitedly.

There is a solution to Mama Bears problem, said Mama Siberian Crane. The Fox family can help. They are a family of travel agents. They specialize in such problems.

Send an email to the Fox family, Mama Bear told Papa Bear. Ask for some consultant to be sent over.

Here is Baby Fox, growled Mickey the Lapso. He is not good, should I bite him?

Just eat your biscuits, Mickey, Mama Bear said.

I have come over to study your problem, said Baby Fox.

Papa Bear explains and Baby Fox gives a solution. There is consultation fee, said Baby Fox. Here is the bill.

Its a hefty fee, grumbles Papa Bear. Anyway here is the cheque.

Let us select a list of items as per Baby Foxs suggestion, said Grandma Bear.

Uncle Bear went through the list in the night, said Papa Ostrich at the waterhole next day. He found that there is a better solution.

Papa Bear send an SMS to the Foxes, said Mama Bear

The talkative Mama Fox came now, said Baby Deer to Baby Ostrich. She gave another list for a hefty fee.

However, Auntie Bear found an improvement to the list in the evening, laughed the Baby Wolf.

Papa Bear send another SMS to the Foxes, Mama Bear told him.

The suave Papa Fox came now, Mama Ostrich told Policeman Giraffe. He collects a hefty fee in advance.

Here is a list, said Papa Fox.

Baby Elephant who was visiting the Bear family finds a better list in the evening, chuckled the bad Father Wolf.

Stop calling the Fox family of travel agents, Grandpa Bear said.

Mama Rhino is here, announced Mickey the Lapso, wagging her tail.

The Zebra family is very clever, said Mama Rhino. The Baby Zebra is very gifted.

She can list out the gifts to be taken by guesswork, said Auntie Rhino.

Mama Bear invited the Baby Zebra to her house, said Mama Elephant. She acquainted the Baby Zebra with her problem.

Baby Zebra went through the list of gifts, said the Baby Pelican.


"She asked for the profits in carrying them halfway around the earth, said Papa Deer to Baby Lion.

She guessed the correct list of gifts that should be taken in no time, said Mama Tiger.


Verify the list, advised Mama Elephant.

It is okay, said Mama Bear. I can pack up my suitcase.

Mama Bear is off to visit the Baby Bison.


We are very happy to see you, said the Bison family to Mama Bear.

What a lot of gifts you have given me! exclaimed Mama Bear. I have to take them all back halfway around the earth.

I am shocked at the number of items Mama Bear wants to carry back, yelled Uncle Bear.

How do we pack all this? asked Baby Bear. Consult the Fox family online.

What a huge online bill! exclaimed Papa Bear.

Its of no use, moaned Mama Bear. The Foxes have cheated again.

Baby Zebra was again contacted online, said Mama Ostrich to the other animals at the waterhole. She guessed the items that Mama Bear should bring back.

Uncle Bear keeps growling but Mama Bear feels it worthwhile carting back all the things, wrote Baby Bear to Papa Bear.

We are all happy with the gifts you brought back, Mama bear, said the animals.

Grandpa Bear is a litigant.

The Fox family has cheated, yelled Grandpa Bear. He complains to Judge Owl.

Policeman Giraffe arrest the Fox family and produce them in court, orders Judge Owl.


The trial of the Foxes is today, Baby Panda told Mama Pelican.


The jealous Fox family tries to run down Baby Zebra, aid Grandpa Wolf. They say a solution is possible that is better.

However they are unable to find one, said Grandpa Deer.

Professor BigWit of the University is our advocate, the Foxes tell Judge Owl.

The problem is very difficult, said Professor BigWit. The Foxes being hardworking and honest animals they cannot find the best answer easily.

It will take too much time to find the best solution, he further argued. The University has been studying this problem for thousands of year to no avail.


Then how did Baby Zebra give the answer? asked Judge Owl.

It is not clear even if Baby Zebra with all her gift has really got the best solution, said Professor BigWit. She may have guessed only an approximate solution.

Perhaps nobody can guess the full true solution in a reasonable amount of time, he further argued.

I agree that the benefit of doubt can be applied to the Foxes, said Judge Owl. The case is dismissed.

However I warn the Foxes that if they are proved to do wrong, I will punish them severely.

Mama Bear writes a long letter to Baby Bison.

Be careful of the Fox family and their likes when she grows up, she warns her. Such dubious families are everywhere.