Baby Bear is back tomorrow, said Mama Bear. She has finished studying in the University in that for off country.

I wonder what she will do now, said Papa Bear.

She has no problem, said Auntie Bear. She can take up online work.

Yes, it is now a Global Village, agreed Grandpa Bear.

She can make a lot of money by online work, said Uncle Bear.

Six months pass by.

I was correct, said Mama Bear. Baby Bear has settled down to an online life.

Yes, said Papa Bear. She has been fascinated by the Flat Earth.

The Busy Beavers has set up a lot of Malls in the forest, said Grandpa Bear.

I want to visit them, said Baby Bear. Tomorrow I will take a packet of money and go there.

Take your credit cards and debit cards also, advised Uncle Bear.

Baby Bear shopped and shopped.

A lot of things you have collected, said Uncle Pelican to Baby Bear. You have six shopping carts full of things.

She has picked up over a 100 items, said Mama Tiger.

How will you pay? asked the clerk at the counter.

I will pay cash, said Baby Bear. However, I want the minimum number of carry bags.

All our carry bags are of the same size, said Manager Ostrich of the Mall. We will try to give you the minimum number of bags.

Look, look! said the notorious Mama Fox to Papa Fox. Baby Bear just cannot carry all that she has shopped.

Yes, agreed Papa Fox. We can make a killing.

Are you having any trouble, asks Baby Fox moving in close to Baby Bear. We stay close to your house. I can help you with your bags.

It is nice of you, said the innocent Baby Bear.

I will help you to reduce the number of bags, said Mama Fox and moved in next to Baby Bear.

See, I reduced the bags by three, claimed Baby Fox.

I have reduced six more bags, said Mama Fox.

It is possible to cut down two more bags, said Papa Fox moving in quietly.

You can further reduce the bags, says Brer Rabbit who is nearby.

Nobody listens to him.

It is very difficult to determine the minimum number of bags, said Professor CleverWit who was nearby.

Dont listen to him, said Papa Fox. I know better. What we have is the minimum number of bags.

We will help you carry the bags home, said Mama Fox.

Where is Baby Fox, asked Baby Bear on the way.

Hes just behind, said Mama Fox.

There he is, said Papa Fox.

But where are the bags he was carrying? asked Baby Bear.

Why, he gave them to me, said Papa Fox.

Where has Mama Fox gone? asked Baby Bear.

Shes just behind, said Papa Fox.

There she is, said Baby Fox.

Where are the bags she was carrying? asked Baby Bear.

Why, she gave them to me, said Papa Fox.

Where is Papa Fox? asked Baby Bear.

Hes just behind, said Baby Fox.

There he is! said Mama Fox.

Where are the bags he was carrying? asked Baby Bear.

Why, he gave them to me, said Mama Fox.

You are all looting me, said Baby Bear and started to cry.

Shut up, said Papa Fox. Ill beat you if you cry.

What is going on here? asked Mama Elephant.

I think Baby Bear is crying, said Baby Elephant.

What happened? asked Mama Elephant to Baby Bear.

The Foxes are robbing my bags, said Baby Bear.

Ill give you a sound beating, said Mama Elephant to the Foxes. Return the bags to Baby Bear.

Baby Bear tells her the whole story.

Brer Rabbit was correct, said Mama Elephant. It is very difficult to determine the minimum number of shopping bags.

Yes, said Professor NitWit who was passing by. We call it the Bin Packing Problem.

Yes, you taught it to us a century ago, said Mama Elephant. This was at the University.

There is only one way of solving it, said Grandpa Elephant who came over. One has to ask the gifted Baby Zebra for a solution.

She can guess the answer, said Professor NitWit. Then we can verify it.

The Foxes are ordinary animals, said Mama Elephant. They can only guess an approximate number of bags.

They were pretending, said Policeman Giraffe who came over to see what the fuss was about.

Approximations do not work, said Professor NitWit.

You accompany Baby Bear home, Mama Elephant told Baby Elephant.

Baby Elephant escorted Baby Bear home.

Im very happy with you, said Mama Bear. Here are some 100 apples for you to eat,Baby Elephant.

I will complain to Judge Owl about the Foxes, said Grandpa Bear.

He met Judge Owl.

Arrest the Foxes, Policeman Giraffe, said Judge Owl.

The trial of the Foxes began.

How do you plead? asked Judge Owl.

Not Guilty, Your Honor, said the Foxes. Professor CleverWit will explain our innocence.

What have to say in their defence? asked Judge Owl.

They were only approximating the result, said Professor CleverWit.

It was threatening to rain, said the sly Papa Fox.

So we took some bags home to protect them.

I give you the benefit of doubt, said Judge Owl. I dismiss the case.

He turns to Baby Bear.

You should be careful, he tells her. Do not shop too much in the future.

Should I release the Foxes? asks Policeman Giraffe.

Yes, but I warn them to conduct themselves carefully in the future, said Judge Owl. I have received a lot of complaints about them.